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Neri Canahui-Ortiz

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Friends and Supporters

I am honored and humbled to accept the Democratic nomination to the 54th District of the House of Delegates in Virginia. For too long our voices have gone unheard by our elected representatives in Richmond. Together we will build a movement that cannot be ignored. We cannot afford the alternative. Our commonwealth has been ranked last in the nation for workers rights. Women’s rights to govern their own bodies are under attack. Thousands of our neighbors and fellow Virginians suffer from opioid addiction. When our first responders develop cancer from exposure to chemicals in the line of duty they are being denied coverage under workers compensation. The list goes on. 

We have the power to change these realities for the better. We have the power to protect our friends and neighbors. We have the power to win a majority in the Virginia Legislature to change lives.


Neri is fighting for Virginia.

Join Neri and help bring positive change to the House of Delegates and to the people of Virginia’s 54th District.


Jobs and the Economy

The Virginia economy is booming, but working families are being left behind.


We need to cover the hundreds of thousands of our neighbors who are still uninsured.

Transportation / Infrastructure

We must plan to address our growth properly so we can avert traffic congestion and provide walkable neighborhoods.

Schools and Eduation

Fully fund our public schools, expand vocational and trace apprenticeship programs, and pay a family wage for our teachers and educators.

Criminal Justice Reform

We must reform our criminal justice system to emphasizes rehabilitation and education, not just penalization.

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